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Flexible cloud solutions for every challenge

In today's world, a reliable, fast and secure IT infrastructure is essential if you successfully want to run your business 24/7.You simply can’t afford losing visitors or customers due to an unavailable or slow website or application. But how do you decide which environment and which technology is the best fit for your organisation and helps you realise your business goals? We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Kumina offers public-cloud, private-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, based on traditional virtualisation and Linux environments. Are you unfamiliar with the different types of cloud computing? We made a comparison between public and private cloud computing for you, which you can find here. Our team is also specialised in container-based technology and micro-services infrastructure, based on Kubernetes and Docker. You can find more information about our container services here.

Cloud Computing: private, public and hybrid cloud

Private Cloud

When is a private cloud the best solution?

Do your online applications, services or data constitute the core activities of your business? Then a private-cloud environment is probably the best solution for you, it offers the best guarantees concerning high performance and security for business-critical applications. A private cloud can be completely customised and adjusted to your organisation and applications, a major benefit to businesses working with different applications or scripting languages.

Kumina’s private-cloud environments: powerful dedicated servers

Our experience has shown that anyone operating online requires a certain degree of personalisation. That is why we at Kumina specialise in offering customised environments. A private-cloud environment at Kumina is comprised of powerful dedicated servers and server clusters, these environments can be fully adjusted to meet your preferences. Our virtualisation solutions are built using the most reliable and stable hardware and software. Kumina’s private-cloud environments are entirely managed by us, including an unlimited amount of support hours for a fixed price.

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Public Cloud

When is a public cloud the best solution?

Does your website or application need optimal scalability? Or does it experience peak periods or a low number of visitors? Then a public cloud will probably be the best and most economical solution for you. In addition, a public-cloud environment is very suitable for storing non-critical data and for using shared online tools such as e-mail.

Kumina’s managed public-cloud services

We offer our managed services on servers in different cloud environments, such as AWS. Most public cloud environments come with pay-as-you-go pricing models and offer great scalability and flexibility. With our services, you can benefit from this latest technology, without the need for technical expertise and with the guarantee that our experts make sure your data in the cloud is monitored and secure 24/7.

Hybrid Cloud

When is a hybrid cloud the best solution?

A hybrid-cloud environment is a flexible solution combining a private-cloud environment with a public-cloud environment. Nowadays, it is the best solution for many businesses since it offers the best of both worlds. Together with you, we will organise your environment in such a way that all your applications and processes run where they perform at their best. Would you like to know more? Contact us for more information about the various options or a free consultancy by phone. We are happy to look at your challenge with you.

Powerful Bare Metal Servers

At Kumina it is possible to use your own hardware, hardware from a third party or hardware from Kumina. A dedicated server you rent at Kumina is 100% at your disposal and comes with on-site repair. We have several standard server configurations, customized configuration is also possible. Our specialists are here to assist you in choosing the right server.

Business continuity: Your platform 24/7 up and running

Our tailored solutions are always adapted to the technical wishes and requirements of our customers. Our setups are based on proven best practices and involve a range of different techniques ensuring your business continuity. Our team members are specialised in backups, server clustering, cloud computing, failover, load balancing, caching, redundant setups, virtualization, testing & development environments and more. Together we will decide which technologies are the best fitting solution to your challenge.