Kumina: Managed Services done right

Now more than ever, you need to provide your online visitors with the best possible user experience and offer your developers the right platform to quickly extend, build, test and run applications. For over ten years, Kumina has successfully created and managed business-critical IT infrastructures. We offer our managed services on private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and Docker container based environments.

Our services include full maintenance of your infrastructure at a fixed price. We make sure that all aspects of your technical platform are up -to -date, secured, monitored and optimised. By complementing this with unlimited support hours, we enable your developers to focus on doing what they love: code.

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Our approach

Start-up Phase: Creation and migration

Setting up a new cloud environment can be a challenging journey. By guiding many organisations through this process, we have learned that tailor-made solutions are the key to success. That is why our solutions engineers customise your IT environment in such a way that it is fully adapted to your needs and suits your company, not the other way around. Our main focus lies on providing flexibility, scalability, security, stability and high availability. Throughout the process of creating and migrating your new environment, our experts will be standing by to guide you and answer all your questions.

Remote Technical Services

Our technical services include system management, server management, middle-ware management, back-ups and disaster recovery. Naturally this also includes fully managed security, meaning we place multiple layers of security controls throughout your platform. With our 24/7 monitoring we keep a close eye on your platform, to actively prevent disruptions as much as possible. Additional trend analysis helps us look for optimisation opportunities and accurately estimate and plan for future expansion.

Remote Professional Services

We make sure our customers can count on us by offering unlimited support hours with every managed solution. We also offer an optional 24/7 emergency number. This way, you can always reach an expert in case of emergency. Teaming up with us means building a personal connection with people who will come to know you well. We work with fairly small teams that handle the day-to-day management and respond to your requests, making them experts at identifying and meeting your needs.

Kumina in a nutshell

» Over 10 years of experience in tailor-made solutions

» Dedicated teams of driven professionals

» Fixed, transparent pricing and clear SLA

» Unlimited support and consultancy

» Straightforward, no-nonsense collaboration

» Pro-active, 24/7 emergency support

"We do it right, or we don’t do it at all"

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