Managed Services: discover the power of Managed Operations

Managed Operations is a great solution for companies that offer online services or solutions. It includes full maintenance of your entire infrastructure for a fixed price, your only concern is your own application. We make sure all aspects of your technical platform are up-to-date, secure and optimized, so you and your IT team are able to focus on high-value projects with peace of mind. We offer our managed services on traditional virtualisation infrastructures: a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid cloud. We are also specialised in microservice-infrastructures based on container-technology with the use of Kubernetes and Docker, and offer fully managed Kubernetes platform.

Managed services visual
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Our approach

Start-up Phase: Creation and migration

In our experience every company has different requirements and wishes. That is why we customize your environment in such a way that it is fully adapted to your needs and suits your company. Our main focus lies on providing flexibility, scalability, security, stability and high availability. Whether you are interested in a managed public cloud, a managed private cloud or a hybrid cloud environment. Our experts with over a decade of experience are happy to guide you to the best solution.

Remote Technical Services

Our technical services include system management, server management, middle-ware management, back-ups and disaster recovery. With our 24/7 monitoring we make sure we keep a close eye on your entire platform, so we can actively prevent problems as much as possible. Trend analysis helps us to look for optimization opportunities and help accurately estimate and plan for future expansion. Our services also include fully managed security, meaning we place multiple layers of security controls throughout your platform.

Remote Professional Services

Our professional services include unlimited support hours and consultancy. We offer an optional 24/7 emergency number, if your services require this. Teaming up with us means you will have a personal connection with people you get to know. The same people that develop and create your environment, will handle the day-to-day management and your requests.

Kumina in a nutshell

» Over 10 years of experience in tailor-made solutions

» Dedicated teams of driven professionals

» Fixed, transparent pricing and clear SLA

» Unlimited support and consultancy

» Straightforward, no-nonsense collaboration

» Pro-active, 24/7 emergency support

"We do it right, or we don’t do it at all"