Meet our team

Tim Stoop

Managing director and system administrator

Tim is responsible for all general and financial matters and he generally tries to have some involvement in everything, because he feels responsible for everything that happens within Kumina. He is very interested in automating recurring tasks, like deployment of setups and quality control.

"As I've been working in this field for 20 years now, I've seen a lot of changes through the years. It is very interesting to be part of those changes and to enable customers to improve their services by utilising these new patterns of work. As we're moving more and more to a containerised world, I see huge advantages when I compare it to how we used to handle hardware and network complexities. I honestly love working with Kubernetes and the possibilities it offers us and our customers. It fits into our requirement of delivering strictly high quality solutions and automation to keep our work interesting and keep taking up new challenges. I strife to find coworkers with the same amount of passion and commitment as I have, and allow them the freedom to expand their own expertise as well. That's what makes our team so strong!"

Rutger Spiertz

Tactical system administrator

Rutger is a systems administrator who focuses on the improvement of internal processes and by doing that he takes a large part of the tactical maintenance under his control. Monitoring and trending are two things that he's interested in at the moment, but he also spends a lot of time on automating repetitive tasks.

“I have been working with Kumina since 2010. In these years my tasks were very diverse, from building set-ups for new clients to lots of different internal projects. Improving and optimizing our internal processes is a task that interests me the most. What makes me proud is the fact that we always solve problems by eliminating the root cause at Kumina, instead of just treating the symptoms. In my free time, like most of my colleagues, you can often find me behind my computer, but I also like sports. I practice (and officiate) Roller Derby, and plan to keep doing this and become just as experienced in this sport as in Linux.”

Natasja Kranendonk

System administrator

Natasja has been with Kumina since 2012. She has worked for several telecommunication companies being part of the central control room and in charge of change management. Her technical background has enabled her to become a sysadmin matching Kumina's standards. Besides her main focus as a sysadmin she's kind of a jack of all trades, doing a bit of office management and helping out with administrative tasks.

"Working at Kumina has been a very welcome change for me. I've worked for one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the Netherlands so I was used to a certain level of bureaucracy. At Kumina there's non of that, neither towards employees nor to customers. We try to be as straightforward and transparent as we can be, always considering the human aspects of our job and not letting our clients become mere numbers. Working in a small team can be challenging as we are all strong minded professionals but it keeps us sharp. Unlike some of my coworkers I spend very little time behind a computer outside of work. Most of my free time is spend training and riding Icelandic horses to competition level. Being outdoors and working with these animals clears my mind and improves my focus."

Adrian van Dongen

System administrator

Adrian is a highly motivated ICT-specialist with a passion for technology and music. He is a system administrator who focuses on Kubernetes set-ups and the improvement of internal processes and in particular orchestration, provisioning, process management.

"In my spare time I like working on all kinds of (open source) projects ranging from encrypted meshnets, delay tolerant networks to Raspberry PI test beds. Although I don't play any instruments I am very passionate about music, you can usually find me at all sorts of concerts and festivals. And I am probably one of the few persons in IT that doesn’t run on caffeine. Kumina has the kind of working environment that fosters a community spirit and collaborative work, which in the end, reflects in the quality of work we produce for our customers."

Liam Macgillavry

System administrator

Liam is a system administrator with a background in commercial virtual hosting, data centers and connectivity. He is primarily involved in the daily support and maintenance of the Kumina services, with a specific focus on web hosting, hosting data visualization, Kubernetes and Docker.

"In my free time I tinker with (mostly open-source) hardware and software widgets, and subject my eardrums to any and all types of distorted musics. At work I learn, support, build, fix and convert coffee into bits. I enjoy working here because the high level of automation combined with extreme flexibility makes it a breeze to serve customers safely and quickly with elegant and sturdy set-ups, while simultaneously providing a great degree of customization. This enables me to work on both interesting new stuff and intractably obscure bugs in equal measure. This teams' diversity of skill and flat structure makes it easy to workshop new ideas and theories and stay ahead of the curve, guaranteeing our services are a grade above the rest. I appreciate and value the ecosystem of ideas and software that we are a part of, and would like us to contribute to the this unique culture to the best of our abilities. Can't stop the signal!"

Eef Bauwens


Eef is responsible for all task concerning marketing, design, the website and HR. She has a background as a graphic designer and marketing and communications professional.

"Starting marketing at Kumina, within a industry that was completely new to me, was a big challenge for me. Contrary to my colleagues, I have no technical background at all. Fortunately, I love challenges, both on personal and professional level. Kumina gives me the room and opportunity to perform different aspects of the profession, which keeps the job interesting every day. There is also plenty of space to discover and learn new things, like for example regarding the technical aspect. This variation is exactly what makes this job a great fit for me. In this open work environment where everyone can be him or herself and where there is room to grow as a professional I will never get bored."

Bart Vercoulen

Junior developer

Bart is Kumina's newest employee and works as a junior developer. Currently he focuses on different Python projects.

“As a student Mechanical Engineering I became interested in programming after working with MATLAB and Python. Exploiting my engineering programming experiences here at Kumina is an interesting challenge for me. The combination of studying and working is easily manageable because Kumina is very flexible. I really like working in this small team of professionals; I can learn a lot and be a part of the team. Outside the office I spend my time studying, playing football and every now and then I visit a music festival or concert.”

Ed Schouten

System administrator and software engineer

Back in 2011, Ed worked at Kumina part-time while studying. Five years later, he now works at Kumina full time, both doing software development and system administration. Ed has a very strong interest in cloud/cluster computing, monitoring, operating system design and security.

“When I started studying, I became a member of our university’s UNIX Users Group, simply because they provided the only Wi-Fi on campus. Through them I actually became interested in Open Source software. After simply using Open Source software for a number of years, I eventually became a FreeBSD developer in 2008 and an LLVM/Clang developer in 2010. I think Kumina is a good place to work, because the Open Source spirit is also part of our team."

Niek Geerts

System administrator

Niek is involved in the daily support and maintenance of the Kumina services, in addition to that he mainly focuses on Kubernetes based set-ups on Google Cloud platforms.

“After having worked as a support engineer for a number of years, I thought it was time for a new challenge, which I found at Kumina. The change from a largely homogenized infrastructure to flexible, customized yet automated setups has been as interesting as it has been challenging. Working at Kumina, for me, is like a journey of exploration. I’m learning something new every day and I am very curious to find out which part of system administration will interest me the most. Like many of my colleagues I am passionate about music and like watching tv-shows, but I also like to be active; boxing always gives me new energy.”

Sonia Diaz Garcia


Sonia is responsible for all sales related activities. Besides taking good care of existing partners she will be expanding the professional network for Kumina.

“After being active in different industries and with 10 years experience in sales I've decided to accept an exciting challenge within the IT-industry. I am a sales-oriented professional with expertise in managing customer relations. I am known as an enthusiastic, creative entrepreneur which fulfills her function with humor, passion and logic sense. My strength lies in building long-term customer relationships; I achieve this by putting customers needs first, in the most genuine and transparent way possible. In my spare time I have 2 passions; I love both tennis and Latin Dance, during the weekends you can either find me on court or on the dance floor.”