24/7 Monitoring, trending and unlimited support

A reliable high performance environment is essential if you successfully want to run your business 24/7. All our managed solutions include 24/7 monitoring, trending and unlimited support for a fixed price. We make sure possible interruptions are pro-actively noticed and resolved.

Extended 24/7 Monitoring

With our advanced 24/7 monitoring we keep watch for all potential issues. We monitor all the platforms under our care 24/7, testing for human errors, possible errors in configurations or malfunctions (about to happen), to prevent them causing problems that result in downtime. Whether it is checking the network connectivity, the system state or one of the countless other indicators, we make sure your service is running smoothly. Thanks to this early warning system, we can solve disruptions instantly, often before you even notice them. We average about 54 checks per virtual server. The most critical services are checked every second. Additional monitoring is always possible on request.


Trending plays a pivotal role in the long term success of any business that operates online. With trending we analyze specific metrics, which enables us to see patterns and changes in the behavior of systems, servers and software over the longer term, such as the speed with which environments deliver desired information or perform actions, and the degree to which an environment is utilized. This makes it possible to look for optimization opportunities and helps accurately estimate and plan for future expansion, which prevents degraded performance.

Unlimited support

We make sure our customers can count on us by offering unlimited support hours and consultancy for a fixed price. We work with fairly small teams and short communication lines, guaranteeing that the execution of your requests will not be slowed down by unnecessary procedures, paperwork or bureaucracy. Not only do we act fast if problems arise, we will also be there for you when it comes to less urgent matters. In addition to technical support, we pro-actively advise you on the compatibility, stability, security, scalability and optimization of your platform. A supplementary 24/7 emergency response line is available, making sure an expert can always be reached in case of emergency.