Your data is invaluable, whether it is your company data or the data of your customers. As an online service provider, we understand that like no other. To prevent risks, our security experts pay continuous attention to your online security by applying fully managed security measures on different levels of your platform. This strategy is called 'Defence in Depth'.

The principle of defence in depth is that layered security mechanisms are more secure than a single, big security mechanism, because they increase the security of the system as a whole. If an attack causes one security mechanism to fail, other mechanisms still provide the necessary security to protect the system.

Our approach

24/7 Updates

We make sure your operating system and software are kept up to date 24/7, so you are always protected against the latest security risks. Should an update cause downtime, we will always plan the update in consultation with you.

Principle of least privilege

We work with the principle of least privileges, which means that your user accounts, programs, processes and servers only have access to the information they need to do their jobs, and no more. This is key to maintaining your infrastructure security.

Specific security checks

Almost all security risks are prevented by our updates, 24/7 monitoring and other security measures. In addition, we watch out for specific real-time threats, such as brute force attacks on Wordpress, so we can carry out specific security checks and block offenders.

Managed Firewalls

Our fully managed firewalls protect you from unauthorised connections. With an extreme degree of automation, we can make a big difference in the level of security we offer. For example, if an IP address is blocked due to attacks on one customer, all other customers are automatically protected from that same IP address, preventing a lot of security threats.


We use cryptographic access control, such as public key authentication, wherever possible. Any passwords are also safely encrypted. Do you have more encryption needs? Then we will advise you on additional encryption measures we can deploy. For instance, ordering, installing and extending SSL certificates, or setting up and administering VPN's.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) adds security and privacy when you are connecting from a public network. Encryption protocols secure your data connections to prevent others from listening in. Integrity checks ensure that no data is lost. We can set up your VPN to meet your exact needs.

24/7 monitoring

We monitor all the platforms under our care 24/7, including on points concerning security. The most critical services are checked every 30 seconds. The moment our monitoring shows something unusual, we receive an alert, enabling us to act quickly and prevent incidents as much as possible.


A security audit by a third party can give great peace of mind. If you wish to do that, we will support you however we can.

Proactive security advice

Our defence in depth security strategy gives you optimal security on our end. In addition, we provide free advice about the best ways to make your applications as secure and safe as possible.


Because of its popularity, WordPress and its plugins are a regular target for attacks. Although the responsibility for managing and updating your Wordpress lies with you, we offer additional services to further harden your security.

Redundant set-ups and back-ups

Every setup we create is redundant, ensuring that you always have a working server. We also provide daily back-ups that are kept for 30 days in a geographically separate location.