What we do

Robust, Dependable IT Infrastructure

» With our scalable dedicated servers and virtual private servers we provide fully customized robust IT environments.
» Our private environments without shared resources are the perfect solution for companies that depend on their mission critical applications.

Managed IT Services

» Our managed services include advanced 24/7 monitoring, trend analysis, updates and patches for your entire infrastructure right up to your own applications.
» Our managed services include fully managed security measures on different levels to pro-actively prevent risks.
» Our managed services include unlimited support hours and free advice regarding your infrastructure.

Remote System and Server Management

» Our bare-metal servers deliver guaranteed performance, reliability and security. They are fully managed and come with Linux software and on site repair.
» We provide fully managed virtual private servers and server clusters, which give you the flexibility of a dedicated server, without its high price. You will have access to all the benefits of cloud technology in your own private cloud environment.


Why Kumina? The way we do Business.

Professional Experts

» Our experts use a wide range of best practice techniques like advanced monitoring and trending, server clustering, load balancing, caching and virtualization.
» We have been a trusted partner to various industries for over 15 years. You can expect clear agreements in our SLA, transparency and no-nonsense communication.

Personal Approach

» We work with fairly small teams and short communication lines, so you will have a personal connection with people you get to know. The same experts who build your infrastructure at day one, take care of your requests and the daily maintenance.
» In-house we take automation to the extreme, this way we are able to spend more time with our customers and we can quickly handle all requests and changes.

Flexible Service and Custom-made Solutions

» We work with open source software, which provides us the flexibility to customize your entire environment to your specific needs, since the source code is readable and adjustable.
» Our dedicated servers and virtual private servers are highly scalable and can be adapted to your specific wishes and needs.


What's in it for you? Discover the Benefits of IT Outsourcing.

Business Continuity

» Improve your business efficiency and productivity by letting your IT team focus on their core business.
» Our optional 24/7 emergency support number makes sure your business runs 24/7; if critical problems arise, we are immediately available to help you.

Peace of Mind

» Reduce your security risks due to access to extensive knowledge and expertise of security and compliance issues.
» With our unlimited support hours, unresolved IT problems are history.
» We work with fixed and transparent prices, this way you have complete financial control and no unexpected IT costs.

Growth and Innovation

» Improve your IT environment by having access to trained specialists with extensive experience and access to the newest and best technologies.
» Trend analysis help accurately plan for future expansion and optimization, ensuring your platform is always ready for the future.
» Free up resources to invest in your business strategy by lowering your operational, employee and IT investment costs.


Industries we Support

kumina Software and website developers

Software and website developers
kumina Medium sized and large companiess

Medium sized and large companies
kumina E-commerce

kumina Software and Rich media and big data websites

Rich media and big data websites