What we do

Robust, Dependable IT Infrastructure

» We provide fully customized robust IT environments with our dedicated servers and virtual private servers.
» Our private environments without shared resources are the perfect solution for companies that depend on mission critical applications.

Managed IT Services

» Including advanced 24/7 monitoring, trend analyses, updates and patches of your entire infrastructure right up to your own applications.
» With our managed services you receive unlimited technical support hours and free advice regarding your infrastructure.
» Our service includes fully managed security measures on different levels, ('Defense in Depth'), to pro-actively prevent risks.

System and Server Management

» We provide bare metal servers which deliver guaranteed performance, reliability and security. They come fully managed with Linux software and on site repair.
» Our fully managed virtual private servers and server clusters give you the flexibility of a dedicated server, without their high price. You will have access to all the benefits of cloud technology with this private cloud environment.


How we do it

Professional Experts

» Our team of sysadmins with more than 15 years of experience uses a wide range of best practice techniques: advanced monitoring and trending, server clustering, load balancing, caching and virtualization.
» We work by one very simple rule: we do something well, or we do not do it at all. We only make promises regarding solutions of which we are a 100% certain that we can deliver with a high level of quality.

Personal Approach

» You will have a personal connection with people you (get to) know since we work with fairly small teams.
» We take automation to the extreme, this ensures we are able to spend more time on our customers.

Flexible Service and Custom-made Solutions

» Flexible and quick handling of requests and changes due to our extreme automation and lack of bureaucracy.
» Our IT Infrastructure is fully customized and will be adapted to your specific wishes and needs.
» We prefer to work with open source software, since the source code is readable and customizable. This ensures us we can provide flexibility and makes it possible to solve problems really fast.


Business Outcomes

Peace of Mind

» More certainty about your Security. Outsourcing reduces your risks due to access to extensive knowledge and expertise of security and compliance issues.
» No more unresolved IT problems due to our unlimited support hours.
» We work with fixed prices, so no more worries about unexpected IT costs.

Business Continuity

» Improve your business efficiency and productivity by letting your IT team focus on their core business.
» Run your business 24/7 with our optional 24/7 emergency support number. May case critical problems arise, we are immediately available to help.

Growth and Innovation

» Improve and professionalize your IT environment by having access to trained specialists with more than 15 year experience in the newest and best technologies.
» Our trend analysis help accurately plan for future expansion and optimization, ensuring your platform is always ready for the future.
» Free up resources to invest in your business strategy by reducing your operational, employee and IT investment costs.


Industries we Support

Software and website developers

Medium sized and large companies


Rich media and big data websites

Technical start-ups

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Latest News

We are Hiring!

We are looking for motivated Linux system administrators. Do you have experience with Linux (Debian) and are you ready for a new challenge within an open but professional work environment? Then Kumina might be the right place for you. » Check out our medior/senior vacancy (Dutch)or our junior vacancy (Dutch).

All about IT Outsourcing: Are you ready? [Infographic]

Outsourcing your IT is a big decision and can have many consequences for your organization. Therefore it is very important that you make sure you are ready for it, and that you go into business with the right company. That is why we created an Infographic to help you determine if IT Outsourcing is the right solution for you. Find out about the benefits of IT Outsourcing and the factors you need to consider when choosing an IT Outsourcing company. » Check out the Infographic.

Interconnect/IT Client Case

“We discovered Kumina through a client, they were immediately the best server admin team we'd worked with, using good, solid principles for security and stability that were easy to appreciate and made our life easier. From that came a long-term partnership. At no point did they ever let us down, and they've often had the amazing ability to make us feel as we're their only customer. When problems have occurred they've been worked through thoroughly and not repeated. You can't really ask for much more.” – David Coveney – Director of Interconnect/it » Read the Client Case.