We are always looking for talented, driven system administrators with experience in Linux (Debian), Docker and Kubernetes.

The job

A job at Kumina is very diverse: one day, you might be addressing customer requests and problems, and the next day, you might be building a customised IT infrastructure for a new customer. We always take the time to implement solutions properly, since we dislike workarounds. Much of our time is spent on innovating and trying to find better solutions to problems.

Another part of the job consists of innovating our own business processes and workflow. We focus on extreme automation, so we can have more time to pursue new knowledge and test and integrate new technologies into our processes.

Work environment

Kumina aims to be a strategic IT partner to our clients. We dedicate ourselves to delivering top-quality services. This means we always put our customers first.

Working at Kumina means working in a slightly chaotic but very open environment, where you are encouraged to keep exploring new technologies and ideas. Everything we do is a team effort and we expect all our employees to be team players. We are proud of our work and the things we do – and we encourage all our employees to improve their skills and our processes so they can be proud as well. Your co-workers’ experience ranges from 1 year to 30+ years, so there’s always something to learn or teach.


Let us know! Email us at with your qualifications and experience.