For over a decade, we have been a partner to many organisations, creating and maintaining their mission-critical IT infrastructures. Our dedicated team is responsible for the performance of thousands of websites, web applications, development environments and Docker and Kubernetes clusters in a great variety of industries. Together with our customers we strive for operational excellence and effective collaboration based on mutual trust. We are proud to present this selection of satisfied clients.

Client Cases and References

“Going into business with Kumina was a big turnaround. After two months they managed to get our entire new platform live. During the creation of the set-up we were in contact on a daily basis via online chat and several conference calls. It was reassuring they continuously showed us the progress: Things were getting done this time. Whatever kind of questions we had, they always took the time to answer them properly and flew several times to London to visit us making sure the co-operation was going well and everything was clear on both sides. We really appreciate the personal contact and hands-on mentality of the team. They solve all our daily and direct technical problems and challenges, enabling us to concentrate on doing our job.” – Leonardo Proietti, Software Development Manager at Lendinvest

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“We discovered Kumina through a client, they were immediately the best server admin team we'd worked with, using good, solid principles for security and stability that were easy to appreciate and made our life easier. From that came a long-term partnership - we didn't want to manage servers any more, and Kumina did. At no point did they ever let us down, and they've often had the amazing ability to make us feel as we're their only customer. When problems have occurred they've been worked through thoroughly and not repeated. You can't really ask for much more.” – David Coveney – Director of Interconnect/it

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“In our experience, Kumina is a no-nonsense organisation. They do exactly as they say, give a high priority to security and they deliver an excellent price / performance ratio. Their informal culture is a perfect fit with ours. Together with Kumina we are always working on improvements that really matter to our customers. Kumina always thinks along with us and is always willing to execute addition activities and go the extra mile to improve our setup. Kumina has been a stable partner to us for over 10 years that contributed to our success.” – Richard – co-owner of Timewax

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“Kumina has been involved with the current Spectator website since 2012 and have always remained solid and dependable partners. When first asked to write about our relationship, it came as a complete surprise to see that Kumina actually had other clients as we thought we were the only ones, such is the level of attention and detail we receive from the team in servicing our account needs." - Gareth Kime, Head of Production and Development at The Spectator

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“Over the years Kumina has proven itself a reliable partner to us. We don’t have regular contact with Kumina, which we interpret as a good sign. Thanks to their active monitoring on their servers and systems, their services has been running smoothly without any complaints about downtime or performance. The few times we actively needed Kumina they responded fast and they took the time to give us detailed advice and answers to our questions. It is reassuring that we can leave the concerns about the technical specifics to professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills.” – Kristofer Lidstrom – Web Manager at Insight Events Sweden.

“Fiscaal up to date trusted their online environment to Kumina since Kumina was founded in 2004. This to full satisfaction. Kumina is alert on safety and very pro-active, without overdoing it. They never cause us to incur unnecessary costs. The few times in the last twelve years when our web servers experienced problems they solved it quickly and appropriately. Fiscaal up to Date in turn has customers like the national government and large accountancy firms, with whom tight SLAs are agreed. With these sort of clients it is crucial that you services continue to function." - Joost Scholte, ICT manager at Fiscaal up to Date


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