Client Case Interconnect/it

Interconnect/it designs and builds Wordpress websites. Their main goal is to develop Wordpress theme and plugin solutions that are robust and easy to use – improving the work flow and reducing stress levels for their clients.


The developer team at Interconnect/it is often engaged in problem solving regarding the systems of their customers. Determining and resolving the root causes of problems their clients encounter in the best possible way requires a party that replies fast, has lots of technical expertise, has a proactive attitude, and is always prepared to think along with them. Before they met Kumina, they were working with parties that reacted too slow or were completely unresponsive, which resulted in a lot of frustrations, problems, and delays.


Since 2009 the operations team of Kumina and the developer team of interconnect/it have been working together successfully, first as suppliers for the same customer, later becoming a customer of Kumina as well in 2012. This partnership has been so successful to both sides that interconnect/it recommends Kumina to its own customers. Working closely together, Kumina has helped to improve the services interconnect/it offers, for example by looking for ways in which we can prevent specific attacks on Wordpress.


Kumina manages the servers where interconnect/it hosts their own sites and where they offer shared hosting for their customers. In addition, we manage servers for our shared customers Centaur, The Spectator and The University of Nottingham. Kumina provides 24/7 monitoring and trending and makes sure interconnect/it has the tools that give them the control they need without risking the security of the server.

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We discovered Kumina through a client, but they were immediately the best server admin team we'd worked with, using good, solid principles for security and stability that were easy to appreciate and made our life easier. From that came a long-term partnership - we didn't want to manage servers any more, and Kumina did. At no point did they ever let us down, and they've often had the amazing ability to make us feel as we're their only customer. When problems have occurred they've been worked through thoroughly and not repeated. You can't really ask for much more.

David Coveney – Director of Interconnect/it
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