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This old saying fits the Jamaican culture of ‘Kumina’, whose members believe in the power of passing on the knowledge of their ancestors. Our company name reflects this philosophy and our strong belief in open source ideals.

Kumina has specialised in Linux and open source software ever since it was founded in 2007. We use the most amazing open source technologies to help organisations turn IT into business value. We also love to give back to the community. On this page, you can discover our open source projects and contributions.

Prometheus-based monitoring


Prometheus metrics exporter for the Bird BGP daemon. Bird is used by Calico, a mesh network powering some of our Kubernetes-based setups.


Prometheus metrics exporter for detecting applications that use outdated executables and libraries. Useful for determining which applications still need to be restarted after deploying security fixes.


Prometheus metrics exporter for the Dovecot POP3/IMAP server.


Prometheus metrics exporter for libvirt-based virtual machine deployments. Used by Kumina to extract CPU and I/O statistics from KVM-based virtual machines.


Prometheus metrics exporter for OpenVPN clients and servers.


Prometheus metrics exporter for PHP-FPM worker pools, useful for measuring traffic and resource utilisation.


Prometheus metrics exporter for the Postfix SMTP server.


Network traffic accounting system for Prometheus. Used by Kumina to measure 95th percentile network utilisation.


Prometheus metrics exporter for the Unbound DNS server.

Legacy monitoring (Nagios, Icinga, Munin)


Munin plugin for graphing Puppet server utilisation.


Collection of Nagios and Icinga monitoring plugins used by Kumina.

Databases and storage


Automatic synchronisation utility for AWS S3.


Authentication layer for Kibana.


Automated backups for servers.