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The Kubernetes container orchestration system was originally developed by Google for automated development, scaling and management of application containers. It simplifies container management and provides features for availability, scaling and networking.

Kubernetes is based on over 10 years of experience running containerised workloads at a very large scale. After its open source release in 2015, the project quickly gained a very large and active user and developer community. Kubernetes became one of the biggest success stories in open source history. Today, it is the clear market leader in container orchestration.

The power of Kubernetes

Run your applications anywhere

You can run Kubernetes on any infrastructure, in any cloud you want. Take advantage of on-premises, private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Kubernetes provides you complete flexibility and eliminates infrastructure and vendor lock-in.

Scale your applications on the fly

Kubernetes enables you to scale up and down seamlessly. Develop and test locally, and deploy globally within minutes. You can easily scale your containerised applications to any size, complexity or demand.

Battle tested

Kubernetes is based on over 10 years of experience in running containerised workloads at Google. Its design is built on the operational experience of the engineers who helped build and maintain the largest container platform in the world, resulting in a battle tested tool with a very mature and proven underlying architecture.

Amazing community support and ongoing development

After its first release, Kubernetes soon gained a very large active community and the support of many large enterprises and IT market leaders. With almost 2000 contributers, new features are continuously being released, providing solutions for any user need.

Market leader

Kubernetes’ broad adoption, growth, support and popularity stands out among all other container orchestration solutions and made Kubernetes the de facto standard for container orchestration.

Seamless, reliable workflow

The consistency of the Kubernetes platform greatly simplifies and speeds up the release of new software features. Push your code from your laptop to production, and find your software running perfectly, without hiccups.

Killer features

Kubernetes has amazing features that make it truly indispensable when deploying containers. It offers health-checks and enables self-healing with auto-placement, auto-restart, auto-replication, auto-scaling, offers rolling updates and rollbacks, and much more. Find out about the latest on the Kubernetes GitHub page.

A myriad of applications

Kubernetes supports a wide spectrum of programming languages and frameworks like Python, Java, Go, etc. Read more about supported programming languages in the official Kubernetes documentation.

Kubernetes certified service provider

Kumina favorite Kubernetes

Kumina has been building and managing IT infrastructures based on open source technology since 2007. When Kubernetes was first released, we adopted it in its early days. We were one of the first European Kubernetes service partners and are proud to be a part of the certified service provider program. We love working with Kubernetes and appreciate the rich set of capabilities it offers.

Kubernetes is one of our favourite tools to build the versatile, tailored IT solutions our customers rely on us for. As IT operation specialists and certfied Kubernetes service partner, we use great tools like Kubernetes on our mission to help companies achieve operational excellence. We offer various ways for our clients to reap the benefits of Kubernetes and container technology: fully managed Kubernetes solutions, Kubernetes training and our consulting services.

Blog posts and resources

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Job opening: Linux System Administrator
Are you experienced with Linux, cloud infrastructure and containers. Are you up to the challenge of building and maintaining IT infrastructure for multiple clients? We’re looking for someone like you. About Kumina Kumina provides managed services for an interesting mix of clients in the Netherlands and abroad, since 2007. We stand behind the ideals of […]
Kumina joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation!
Kumina joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation as a silver member. We specialise in Linux and open source software since day one and started working with Docker and Kubernetes in its early days. Joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation demonstrates our commitment to keep contributing to the Kubernetes ecosystem and to the spirit of open source in general. Last year, along with names such as Canonical, Huawei, IBM and Bitnami, we also joined the Kubernetes Certified Service Partner program. The KCSP is a pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers who have extensive experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes.
we're hiring
Vacature Linux Systeembeheerder
Heb jij ervaring met Linux, cloud infrastructuur of containers? Hou je van een gezonde afwisseling tussen het opzetten en onderhouden van een IT-infrastructuur voor diverse klanten en het optimaliseren van interne processen? Dan is Kumina misschien wel dé plek voor jou. We zijn op zoek naar een enthousiaste systeembeheerder met interesse in Docker en Kubenetes.

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