Managed Kubernetes: Fully managed Kubernetes solutions

Kumina leads organisations on their transformation to a Docker container based infrastructure. From consultation phase, through the initial build, to production readiness, hosting and around-the-clock management with unlimited support. We do the heavy lifting for you. Our tailor-made container solutions are based on Docker and Kubernetes and can be created on your choice of infrastructure: bare metal, a public or a private cloud environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultancy. We are happy to share our expertise and experience with you.

Docker Container platform: Your backbone for Continuous Delivery

Our team creates a container platform built on the infrastructure of your choice, with the worlds most admired open source container tools Docker and Kubernetes. We can help your team get fully up and running with application containers:

» Assessment: How and where containers should be used to address your challenges and goals.
» Strategy: Helping you to understand the implications and benefits for your enterprise and your development team.
» Creation and adoption: Collaboratively create and build your container platform and help you understand the best practices for successful deployment.
» Training: We offer a four-day hands-on Kubernetes course and customised training courses upon request.

Container services: Around-the-clock management and support

Enable your development team to do what they do best: code. With our managed services, we take care of your entire container platform for a fixed price, so you can focus on getting ahead of the competition. Our container services include:

» Unlimited technical support hours and advice.
» Extensive 24/7 monitoring.
» 24/7 proactive troubleshooting and incident management.
» Updates and management of Kubernetes, Docker and all other supporting software.
» Tips and advice concerning monitoring and securing your own applications.
» Security measures for all your containers running on Kubernetes

We also offer the following optional services:

» 24/7 emergency number.
» Back-ups and disaster recovery.
» Managed database servers.
» Integrated and managed ELK-stack for logging, analysis and visualisations.

“Going into business with Kumina was a big turnaround. After two months they managed to get our entire new platform live. During the creation of the set-up we were in contact on a daily basis via online chat and several conference calls. It was reassuring they continuously showed us the progress: Things were getting done this time. Whatever kind of questions we had, they always took the time to answer them properly and flew several times to London to visit us making sure the co-operation was going well and everything was clear on both sides. They consulted us on how to organize the platform in such a way that we can save on costs and our developers can work more efficiently. We really appreciate the personal contact and hands-on mentality of the team. They solve all our daily and direct technical problems and challenges, enabling us to concentrate on doing our job.” – Leonardo Proietti, Software Development Manager at Lendinvest

» Read the Lendinvest client case

Under the hood

Amazone Web Services Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Docker Prometheus Jenkins Github Terraform

We offer our container platform on your choice of infrastructure. We can run it on bare metal, provided by yourself, a third party or Kumina. It is also possible to run it on your own private cloud environment provided by Kumina or a public cloud from providers such as AWS or Google Cloud.

Kubernetes is a software solution for managing containerised workloads. It’s one of the most popular and active open source projects and used as the foundation for many container solutions. Our experts have completed Kubernetes courses and Kumina is an official Kubernetes partner. .

Docker is open source software for creating, deploying, and running applications using containers. Containers allow you to package an application with all the parts it needs, such as libraries, and ship it all out as a single package that can run virtually anywhere.

Prometheus is an open source monitoring tool we use to keep an eye on your entire platform 24/7. We possess extensive knowledge about this monitoring tool; our experts contribute to its development. Prometheus allows us to gather hundreds of metrics per application.

Start your Kubernetes journey

Are you just getting started? Check out our blog posts about containers or contact us for a free consult or demonstration. We are happy to share our expertise and experience and provide you with insights as to whether a container solution is the right approach for you.

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