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Discover the power of managed it infrastructure

For over ten years, we helped our clients achieve operational excellence by providing tailor-made IT solutions. A managed solution at Kumina always includes full maintenance of your infrastructure up to your own application including unlimited technical support hours, for a fixed price. We make sure all aspects of your Kubernetes solution are up-to-date, secure and optimized, so you and your IT team are able to focus on high-value projects with peace of mind.

This is how we work

Setting up the most optimal online infrastructure and implementing Kubernetes can be a very complex process. Our extensive experience has taught us that tailor-made solutions are the key to success. Together, we will develop a solution that’s perfectly suited to your needs and wishes. Throughout the process of creating and migrating your new environment, our experts will be available to guide you and answer all of your questions.

Our managed solutions include updates and patches for your entire online infrastructure up to your own applications. Our 24/7 monitoring keeps watch for potential issues. With this early warning system, we can solve disruptions quickly, often before you even notice them. Trend analysis and log aggregration help us pro-actively analyse your infrastructure performance and track potential optimisations, improvement opportunities and capacity requirements. This is pivotal to the long term success of any business that operates online. Our services also include in-depth security: multiple layers of security controls throughout your online infrastructure.

Rock-solid stability

Our motto is: We do it right, or we don’t do it at all. All our solutions are based on best practices and proven technology, ensuring the best performance, security, compliance and stability available today.

Exceptional support

Four words say it all: unlimited support and advice. Because you pay us for our results, not for our time. A supplementary 24/7 emergency response line is available, making sure an expert can always be reached in case of emergency.

On your side

Our dedicated Kumina team will come to know your business from the inside out, making them experts at identifying and meeting your needs. We are always on your side, supporting your goals and collaborating with you to make the right tactical and strategic decisions.

Quick and personal

You will always be able to talk to a real person. Thanks to our small teams and short communication lines, our experts are just an email or slack notification away. In addition, we don’t do bureaucracy – if you need something, we get to work.

Trusted by amazing companies

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  • We discovered Kumina through a client, they were immediately the best server admin team we'd worked with, using good, solid principles for security and stability that were easy to appreciate and made our life easier. From that came a long-term partnership. At no point did they ever let us down, and they've often had the amazing ability to make us feel as we're their only customer.

    David Coveney, Director of Interconnect/it
  • "The Kumina team has taken us to a completely new level of expertise, quality of infrastructure and architecture, and implementation process. Their level of support and the willingness to make everything work is amazing. The effort the team puts in to make progress and their responsiveness has been incredible.”

    Markangelo Chiarelli, CTO, GameHouse
  • Kumina has been a stable partner to us for over 10 years. They always think along with us and are always willing to execute addition activities and go the extra mile to improve our setup. In our experience, Kumina is a no-nonsense organisation. They do exactly as they say, give a high priority to security and they deliver an excellent price / performance ratio.

    Richard Willems, co-owner of Timewax
  • Kumina has been involved with the Spectator website since 2012 and always remained a solid and dependable partner. When asked to write about our relationship, it came as a complete surprise to see that Kumina actually had other clients as we thought we were the only ones, such is the level of attention and detail we receive from the team in servicing our account needs.

    Gareth Kime, Head of Production and Development at The Spectator
  • Going into business with Kumina was a big turnaround. It was reassuring they continuously showed us the progress: Things were getting done this time. We really appreciate the personal contact and hands-on mentality of the team. They solve all our daily and direct technical problems and challenges, enabling us to concentrate on doing our job.

    Leonardo Proietti, Software Development Manager at Lendinvest
  • Over the years Kumina has proven itself a reliable partner to us. Thanks to their active monitoring on their servers and systems, their services has been running smoothly without any complaints about downtime or performance. The few times we actively needed Kumina they responded fast and they took the time to give us detailed advice and answers to our questions.

    Kristofer Lidstrom – Web Manager at Insight Events Sweden
  • We trusted our online environment to Kumina since it's foundation in 2004. This to full satisfaction. Kumina is very pro-active, without overdoing it. They never cause us to incur unnecessary costs. The few times in the last twelve years when our web servers experienced problems they solved it quickly and appropriately.

    Joost Scholte, ICT manager at Fiscaal up to Date
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